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Cromwell, Hero or villain?

Cromwell the hero

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Cromwell defense

King Charles's Execution

It's a very big subject in Cromwell's time, the first execution of a king in history. You can't just jump in and say he was wrong or right about his decision to execute the king of England, you have to put a lot of thought into the subject. He had to think a lot about his verdict, because he knew Charles couldn't be trusted. Charles had already stirred up two civil wars and could of had many more planned if he was brought back to power. However, think of the amount of royalists there were who supported the king. Thousands and thousands of royalists could rebel if Charles's head left his shoulders. The pressure was on Cromwell.

But then think about it. A man who had started two civil wars, one of them killed a bigger proportion of people than in any other war in history. A man who was known to be a liar and a cheat. A man who had broken the law several times, over and over and over again. Could a man like that be trusted to be king once more? Seriously, what would you do? Cromwell saved England in his decision, and should be remembered as a hero for it.


Why wouldn't Cromwell take the crown?
When King Charles was executed, England had an empty throne. The first (and the last) person they went to for offering the crown of England was Oliver Cromwell. It was an obvious decision. Cromwell had led them to victory in two wars. It was he who had given the order to kill king Charles. But why did Cromwell turn the crown down? It was something thousands of people had fought and died for. People slaughtered on the ground in cold, bloody wars for this crown of England, and he turned it down! Why?!?!?
But think about it. Cromwell had gone to war to get rid of king Charles, not to get the throne of England. Just because the crown was in his reach, he didn't take it. Cromwell had seen the horrors of monarchy, and now it was gone for good. Cromwell wasn't going to summon it back again. He'd reached his goal, and he was in power now. Cromwell now ruled with parliament in England.

The Levellers
When Charles died, England became a republic. Though there where some protesters called the Levellers. So why did Cromwell shoot them? Because they were getting in the way? Lets look into it shall we.
The Levellers were a group of ordinary people, quite a few of them were soldiers. They met up with Cromwell and had discussions. These were called the Putney Debates. After the first civil war, they gave out their issues but they were cast aside. When Charles was executed they popped up again with their views. It's all very well but these people didn't know much about politics and some of their ideas were dangerous and impossible to carry out, and when they didn't get their way they said they'd rebel. Cromwell couldn't take it any more. He had their leaders arrested for treason. Two months later, 1000 of the soldiers who supported the levellers rebelled. Cromwell retaliated by sending his armies to stop the rebel. In the end, 400 of the rebels were captured and three of the leaders were shot. Cromwell had just saved England from the Leveller's wrath

The Irish rebellion
At this time, Charles was still in power and a couple of Protestant settlers were moving to Ireland. What happened when they got there? They were murdered! Murdered by Irish Catholics. How racist can you get?
After the Levellers disbanded, Cromwell turned towards Ireland. How could he forget what they did to innocent people? How could he just turn his back on the things that happened over there? Also, the Irish were supporters of Charles 2nd, Charles 1st's son. Ireland was to bigger fret, they had to be stopped. On September 1st, Cromwell taught the Irish a lesson. He stopped the rebellion, and killed the murderers, and is therefore a hero.

Ban of Christmas
One of the things Cromwell did while he was Lord protector of England was ban Christmas. Why? Simple. There was no mention of it in the bible. In fact, you may think that Christmas is a holy festival but if it's not in the bible then there's nothing holy about it! He was trying to get rid of an unholy festival, and what's wrong with that? Nothing. He is therefore a hero.

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