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Cromwell, Hero or villain?

Cromwell the villain

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Cromwell Prosercution

King Charles's execution

King Charles was a unique man. He believed he had been appointed by god to the throne of England. Thousands of people supported him. Countrymen, hard workers, the rich and wealthy... but then there was parliament. It was obvious that parliament was hated by the king. Some of the things they said, some of the things they did, some of the things they wanted to do, it was all to much. And the fact that everything the king wanted to do had to be confirmed it was acceptable by parliament must have been frustrating. The king must of felt his power as king was being restrained. He tried to see what it would be like to rule with out parliament, but parliament accused him of trying to build an army to attack parliament. Charles had had enough. Charles declared war on parliament twice, and was beaten both times. He was put on trail to be executed.


Look at this picture. It's a famous panting of Charles's execution. Look at the crowd. A person has fainted. A man is crying. These all symbolise the people who were Charles's supporters. But the most outstanding thing is at the top. A little figure going to some angles. The angles will be from heaven and the figure is Charles. If Charles is going to heaven, it means he is innocent and the man who put him on trail is responsible for the worst crime imaginable... And that man is Oliver Cromwell.

Why wouldn't Cromwell take the crown?
Cromwell had already murdered a king, a crime which had more than a death penalty, and had control over England. Then he was offered the crown, and the best he could do is take it... but he didn't! How disrespectable! A relic that thousands and thousands and thousands of people had fought for, scarified their lives for, and Cromwell through it away like it was a piece of trash. That's just wrong, to rip down a government down like monarchy which thousands of people have died for control over it. Cromwell through the crown away to rot, taking England with it, and there for is a villain.

The Levellers
Who were the Levellers? A band of innocent people who had some ideas about the government, like every man should be aloud to vote, yet when they first came to say their ideas to Cromwell, they were cast aside. After king Charles was killed, they started to show their ideas to Cromwell again, but he didn't listen. Cromwell heard rumours, rumours that the levellers were going to rebel, but they were only rumours, and because of those rumours, Cromwell shot their leaders. What kind of a hero is that? Cromwell is a villain for shooting the Levellers. 

The Irish rebellion
After Cromwell shot the levellers, he set his eyes upon Ireland. Long ago, before Charles was executed, a group of Catholics rebelled, killing many Protestant settlers who had trespassed, stolen food and land from the Irish people. Now Cromwell was in power, he planned to settle the score. But you know the saying, what's done is done, it's in the past. Cromwell didn't care. He headed towards Ireland.
Cromwell had with him 12000 well-trained soldiers and he headed to a place called Drogheda. Drogheda had only 2500 soldiers and 4000 civilians, they didn't stand a chance.
Cromwell's armies killed 2000 of Drogheda's protectors and 1000 Catholic civilians. He lost less than 100 men! What for? What did Cromwell get out of his actions? What is the point of massacring thousands of people for nothing? He didn't even consult any of the Irish people to come to agreements about the past! He charged in, killed thousands, and left with nothing, and is therefore a bloodthirsty villain.

Ban of Christmas
While Cromwell was lord protector, he banned Christmas. How dare he. It's no better than banning Ramadan or Divali! And so what if it's not in the bible, people loved it. Is that what type of person he is? A man who crushes happiness? If so, then he's a villain!


Created 2005

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