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Cromwell, Hero or villain?

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The Verdict

We have heard from both sides of the argument now. I have drawn the following conclusions...

King Charles exercution

This man broke the law, started two civil wars, killed many people. Parliament tried to reason with him but he refused to co-operate. The penalty for all of that is death whether it's a king or not. If there's a villain in this part, it's Charles.



Why wouldn't Cromwell take the crown?
This is a very disrespectful act on all that fought and died for this crown. How can one do such a thing like this? For his disrespectfulness, he is to be prosecuted on the matter.

The Levellers
I can see that Cromwell felt under pressure because of the Levellers threats to rebel but that's no reason to shoot their leaders. And some there ideas weren't too bad anyway. The Levellers had fought in the civil wars and should be aloud to vote. For shooting the Levellers I pronounce Cromwell guilty.

The Irish rebellion
This is the worst thing he's done! He killed thousands of people for the sake of it. He should of consulted them first, try and figure out something, but no. He ran in and killed them all.

Ban of Christmas

It's quite simple here. This is evil. Banning something that so many people love. How dare he! This is a villainous action.



The final verdict...
Cromwell was a villain because of all the things he did. He killed thousands of people for vengeance and was a disrespectful person. If he had just stayed and consulted with people before he made any large decisions like invading Ireland or shooting the levellers, then he might of given himself a better image. But he didn't. He brought out the image that he was a bloody murderer, and is therefore a villain.

Created 2005

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